A long, healthy life starts with a healthy diet.

Developing minds require proper nutrition to thrive and succeed, and we wish to instill the importance of healthy eating at a young age. For many teens in Chicago’s underserved neighborhoods, they simply have not had the access or exposure to basic cooking techniques, nutritional information, or healthy food options.

We’re looking to change this status quo with our Culinary Initiative, where we will partner with Culinary Arts programs, local chefs, restaurants and food suppliers to connect these at-risk teens with the culinary world.

And this initiative is about more than just healthy eating – it’s about creating lasting change, which is why we aim to inspire these students to pursue a dream in the culinary arts.
In addition to being a catalyst for healthy living, the culinary arts provides over 13 million jobs in the U.S. alone. So for the eager students who take part in our initiative and discover a passion for food and cooking, there will be no shortage of lucrative career paths in which they can thrive. All they need is more exposure and access to opportunity, and that is precisely what we intend to provide.


  • Partner with schools in the Englewood, Lawndale, Little Village and Garfield communities, with more in the works
  • Find select 7th & 8th grade students eager to learn about the culinary world
  • Partner with culinary arts programs, local chefs, food suppliers, restaurants and generous sponsors to provide the ideal venue, ingredients, and culinary knowledge
  • Create an immersive experience for these underserved teens, where they can work with ingredients and see chefs in action
  • Offer knowledge and resources so that students might get a head start on their potential culinary career
Boy eating piece of apple. Afroamerican kid in chef hat.

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